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Government Transparency

Massachusetts ranks among the lowest in the nation for government transparency and open records, which I believe is unacceptable. Transparency and accountability are the bedrock principles of effective state governance. They ensure that elected officials are held responsible for their actions and decisions, fostering trust between government and the public. 

I believe that by openly sharing information, including decisions on legislation and budget allocation, citizens will be more empowered to actively participate in the democratic processes.

If elected, I will work to introduce measures to greatly increase transparency and accountability. This includes

Introducing legislation to eliminate exemptions that hinder government transparency, such as the Governor's exemption to state open records laws. This ensures that all branches of government operate under the same standards of transparency.

​Requiring public disclosure of committee votes and ensuring that bills labeled "sent to study" are accompanied by explanations, fostering greater accountability for legislative decisions.

​Immediately co-sponsoring Senator Eldridge's Sunlight Bill (S.1963), which includes provisions to enhance government transparency and accountability, aligning with widespread public expectations.

Holding regular meetings and town halls in the district to gather feedback and address concerns directly from constituents, promoting open dialogue and accountability to the public.

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