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Housing Affordability

The lack of affordable and quality housing is an issue that impacts all generations, from young adults striving to establish themselves to retirees being priced out of their homes and everyone in between. 


As a resident of Newton, I feel fortunate to live in the city where I grew up. However, with 70.4% of housing in Newton being owner-occupied and our median gross rent being $2,252, it is difficult for residents and families to find suitable and affordable housing that meets their needs.


If elected, I will advocate for comprehensive solutions to tackle our housing challenges head-on. This includes:

Implementing policies to increase the supply of affordable housing across Massachusetts, ensuring that families at all income levels have access to suitable homes.

Streamlining bureaucratic processes and cutting unnecessary red tape to expedite the development of housing projects, making it easier for developers to build affordable housing.

Promoting innovative housing solutions such as mixed-income developments and cooperative housing models to create diverse and inclusive communities.

Working collaboratively with local governments, nonprofits, and private sector partners to leverage resources and expertise in expanding affordable housing options statewide.

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