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Many Newton residents rely on public transit for their daily commutes and recreational activities. According to a 2019 report from the US Census Bureau, 13.4% of residents in the Boston-Cambridge-Newton area use public transit to get to work, ranking third highest in the nation behind New York and San Francisco.

However, in recent years the MBTA has consistently failed to meet expectations. Current approaches have predominantly favored short-term fixes over long-term investments and improvements, which has led to reduced service, safety incidents, and frequent delays. 

If elected, I will push for a public transportation master plan that not only increases invents but focuses on making long-term improvements to our transit system. This includes:

Advocating for strategic reforms within the MBTA to enhance service reliability and safety standards. 

Strengthening oversight mechanisms to ensure that every dollar allocated to the MBTA translates into measurable improvements in service quality and reliability.

Securing sustainable funding sources to ensure the long-term viability and expansion of public transit services across Massachusetts.

Supporting initiatives to modernize transit infrastructure and integrate cutting-edge technologies to improve overall efficiency and passenger experience.

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